Yoga VCD for Women


Yoga VCD for Women

Yoga VCD for Women By Swami Ramdev ji in Hindi

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Yoga DVD for Women

DVD for Women by Swami Ramdev Ji in English & Hindi both in one DVD

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Menopause is a part of every woman's life. It is the stage when your menstrual period permanently stops. This stage usually occurs between the age of 40 and 60 associated with hormonal, physical and psychological changes. These changes can occur gradually or abruptly. It can start as early as the age of 30 and last until as late as the age of 60. It can also occur when the ovaries are removed or stopped functioning. Menopause is not an illness but a natural biological process, though the risk for heart disease and osteoporosis rises after menopause.

The asanas that have been described below are not just meant for the women in menopausal age group only but it can also be regularly used and practiced by any female of reproductive age.

  • Kapalabhati:
    • Kapalabhati is a Breathing Technique used specifically for cleansing.
    • If you have a lot of mucus in the air passages or feel tension and blockages in the chest it is often helpful to breathe quickly.
  • Tadasana or the Mountain pose:
    • The Mountain Yoga Pose promotes the experience of stillness, strength, relaxed power, and immovable stability associated with mountains.
    • This yoga posture, and coming back to this stillness after other poses, is one of the ways of becoming acquainted with stillness.
    • Increases strength within the legs.
    • Straightens the spine out.
  • Pada Hastasana or the Hands to Feet pose:
    • The Hands to Feet Pose or Pada Hastasana gives many of the same benefits as the Forward Bend.
    • It brings about the reduction in the waist.
    • Restoring elasticity to the spine.
    • Stretches the ligaments of the legs, especially the hamstrings.
  • Virasana or the Warrior Pose:
    • The Warrior Pose stretches and strengthens the arms and legs, increases stamina, improve balance and concentration, and can also relieve backaches.
    • If you are suffering from diarrhea, high blood pressure or neck problems, you should take extra caution practicing this pose.
  • Trikonasana or the Triangle pose:
    • Provides your body the required stability.
    • Strengthens the spinal column.
    • Releases the pressure and tension with the upper as well as lower back muscles.
  • Padmasana or the Lotus pose:
    • The Lotus Yoga Pose is usually done in Meditation.
    • It is a classic seated posture which strengthens your ankles and knees, enhances concentration, and improves flexibility of your legs.
  • Bhujangasana or the Cobra pose:
    • This Yoga Pose improves spinal flexibility and strengthens the muscles in the arms and back.
    • It is also effective in relieving menstrual irregularities and constipation.
  • Balasana or the Seated pose:
    • The Child Pose is a gentle way of stretching your shoulders, hips, thighs, ankles, and back muscles.
    • It is a relaxation posture which is done to normalize the circulation after performing the headstand and to serve as counter pose after backbends.
  • Anuloma Viloma:
    • Anuloma Viloma is also called the Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique.
    • In this Breathing Technique, you inhale through one nostril, retain the breath, and exhale through the other nostril.
    • This is extremely beneficial for women of all ages.