Yoga VCD for Skin Diseases

DVD for Skin Diseases

DVD for Skin Diseases by Swami Ramdev Ji in English & Hindi both in one DVD

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Yoga VCD for Skin Diseases

Yoga VCD for Skin Diseases By Swami Ramdev ji in Hindi

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VCD for Skin Diseases

Yoga VCD for Skin Diseases By Swami Ramdev ji in English

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As from the yoga point of view it is that yoga provides you complete health both mentally as well as physically. In addition to this yoga even provide you with most beautiful and lustrous skin. Thus when yoga is practiced regularly it provides you not just healthy skin but it is also as beautiful as healthy it is. The major cause for these skin diseases are the growing levels of pollution in the environment. And we ourselves are also so busy in our daily chores that we do not have time for any kind of skin treatments etc. But if you go on to practice yoga regularly it provides you with much benefit as compared to other beauty care products.

It is important to understand and eliminate the cause of skin diseases. Poor diet, poor stimulation of the circulatory and excretory systems and subsequent build up of toxins are the root cause of skin eruptions. According to Yoga, the practice of Asanas, Breathing techniques as well as Internal Cleansing (body detoxification) techniques will serve to address skin issues. In other words, Yoga shows how to take charge of your own health issues (skin disorders included) without the need for any external aid.

According to Ayurveda, excess of sugar intake in the body is a major cause of skin disorders. The skin cells so affected by the excess sugar, that they provide an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria, which multiply rapidly using our skin cells. Ayurveda has documented the "miraculous" properties of medicinal herbs and clays that counteract the excess sugar in the body. They combine with the skin cells to inhibit multiplication of the virus. The absence of a breeding ground results in the elimination of the virus. It is however very important to understand the cause of skin diseases. Every year millions of people suffer from some kind of skin disorder, skin disease or plain skin infections. However, most of them make matters worse by taking strong medicines and steroid-based ointments which act as suppressants. Even though the effect is almost immediate, at best they give temporary relief. More importantly, they can trigger even more severe and seemingly unrelated disorders. These may be in the form of metabolic disorders or skin eruptions. The common problem of skin diseases is Acne; acne is the scientific term for what we normally call pimples, blackheads, whiteheads or nodules that form on the face, chest, upper back or shoulders. Acne sufferers experience persistent, recurring reddish blemishes on the face, chest, shoulders, neck, upper back or buttocks. When these blemishes are spots that have a dark, open center, they are called blackheads. Whiteheads are spots that bulge under the skin and have no opening. Pimples, on the other hand, are whiteheads that rupture. The boil-like lumps are called nodules.

Following are the measures that have been explained as useful for various types of skin diseases as:

  • Proper Diet:
    • This is a very must for having a beautiful skin. As whatever we eat it nourishes our body and various organs along with the skin so if we are having a proper nutritious diet we will benefit a lot. But all the junk foods these days is the great cause for problem to us. As diet containing junk food is filled with toxins that harm our body.
  • Pranayama:
    • This is also known as the Yogic breathing or Pranayam and is the fourth limb of stage of yoga that comes after asanas or postures. Prana has several meanings as breath, respiration, life, vitality, wind, energy and strength while yama is restraint or discipline. The control of prana leads to the control of mind which is vital for concentration and meditation which is the next step in yoga. But yogi breathing is also recognized as a way to refresh and rejuvenate all the body systems. It helps in release of acute & chronic muscular tension around heart and digestive organs. Also increases the release of toxins as well as carbon dioxide reducing its levels in blood stream and increases levels of oxygenation in blood. Amplifies the immune system by increasing the distribution of energy to the endocrine system.
  • Shitli Kumbhaka Pranayama:
    • This Pranayama is when regularly practiced this is known to be having the potential to reduce facial wrinkles. It also improves blood circulation and purifies the blood, reduces toxins and acidity and prevents skin infections.
  • Varun Mudra:
    • Practicing Varun Mudra enhances the physical beauty, decrease dryness in the body (skin) and adds a glow to the skin. To perform this pose join the fore part of the little finger with the fore part of the thumb to form the Varun Mudra.
  • Surya Namaskara or the Sun Salutation:
    • This will prove to be helpful for various types of skin problems. This even provides you with glowing beautiful skin.
  • Simhasana or the Lion Pose:
    • This when regularly performed brings about the decrease in the appearance of facial wrinkles. this brings about the stretching of the facial skin as well as the muscles. This asana is also known to bring about the release of toxins from the body.