Yoga VCD for Piles

Yoga VCD for constipation

New Yoga VCD for constipation and piles By Swami Ramdev ji in Hindi

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Piles or hemorrhoids are generally defined as swellings on the inside of the anal canal, the short, muscular tube that connects the rectum (back passage) with the anus, in areas known as the anal cushions. They are round swellings that can reach the size of a grape. Piles are not varicose veins. In modern terminology following are the symptoms that are included in piles are as follows: the bright red blood from your anus, which you may notice on the toilet paper when wiping, or in the toilet bowl, a lump formation on the anus, pain and discomfort after you have opened your bowels, a slimy discharge of mucus, which may cause itching, a feeling that your bowels haven't emptied completely, and soiling underwear (found in the cases suffering from third or fourth degree piles).

Although in the modern terminology the treatment of this disease is only a very limited scope to bring about the, but in yoga or ayurveda the great sages have defined yoga as a very useful means to bring about the treatment as well as prevention of piles in patients defined by swami ji as follows:

  • Virasana or the hero's pose:
    • It reduces fat around the thighs & calves.
    • Brings about improvement in digestion.
    • Kneel on the yoga mat keeping your back erect.
    • Slowly take your hips down & rest them between the feet. Toes should be pointing backwards.
    • Keeping yourself erect
    • Rest your hands on the knees.
    • Stay in this posture for few minutes and breathe normally.
  • Adho Mukha Virasana or the Down facing hero's pose:
    • Sit in the Virasana pose.
    • Bend forwards and rest on the floor.
    • Now slowly touch your forehead to ground.
    • Straightening both of your hands in front of your head by touching both palms together.
    • Maintain the pose or posture for 30 to 60 seconds.
    • Repeat the pose for 2 times.
    • This brings about quietness in your mind and relieves you from the tension and stress.
  • Pavanamuktasana or the gas releasing pose:
    • Lie down straight on your back.
    • Now slowly exhaling bend both of your knees.
    • Hold both knees with locked hands.
    • Now go on to press the thighs gently towards lower abdomen.
    • Raise your head up slightly and slowly so that the forehead touches the knees.
    • Remain in this pose or position for as duration until which you are comfortable.
    • Now slowly go on inhaling and return to original pose.
    • This asana is good for digestive disorders - dyspepsia, flatulence, constipation and colitis.
    • Reduces obesity and reduces the presence of fat depositions in and around the thighs and arms.
  • Janu Sirsasana or the head to knee pose:
    • Sit in Dandasana pose.
    • Now bend right knee horizontally, place right foot against the left foot as high as possible.
    • Twist towards left with back straight and bring trunk in line with left leg.
    • Tones complete spine and abdomen.
    • Reduces strain and stress.
  • Surya Namaskara or the Sun Salutations:
    • As this asanas comprises of a number of poses that are to be performed on after the other so one must keep in mind that as the movement of patient suffering from muscular dystrophy is limited so he or she can have the assistance by another person or can alter the poses to some extent but only in the presence of a trained yoga instructor.
    • This is a very beneficial yogic practice for obesity management, every day 24 sun salutations with a speed of 4 rounds in 1 minute gives great benefits of Yoga Asanas and exercise as well.
    • Sun salutation is a sequence of 7 asanas practiced in order which tones almost all of the muscles and also internal organs are stretched increasing blood & oxygen supply to these parts.
    • Regular practice of sun salutation with breathing gives good exercise to the lungs. Mantras have relaxing effect on mind.