Yoga VCD for Eye Diseases

Yoga for Eye Diseases

Yoga VCD for Eye Diseases By Swami Ramdev ji in English

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DVD for Eye Problems

DVD for Eye Problems by Swami Ramdev Ji in English & Hindi both in one DVD

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Yoga can help greatly in the improvement of eyesight of an individual. Yoga exercises, which involve movement of the eyes and their rotation in different directions helps to improve the sight of the individuals. Lifting the eyes up and down and blinking them while not at work serves as a great exercise for improving the eyesight of the individual. Keeping eyes focused at one point helps in increasing the concentration of the individual. It also aids to increase memory power of people so that they can take up the daily chores with great responsibility with better devotion and dedication. The eye movements should be steady and one should feel relaxed and comfortable while practicing them. These eye exercises as a part of yoga, help in providing you freedom from various diseases of the eyes. It also helps to improve the vision of an individual. Gazing exercise (Trataka) activity of yoga also improves the vision. It helps in bringing positivism in the mind and the body and helps to purify one internally so as to have a better vision of the surroundings.

This posture of yoga should be practiced in silence and one should carry out them without blinking the eyes in any case. One can gaze on any object which helps one focus, either a deity one believes in or any other imagination which helps in getting rid from the negativity and usher in all positive thoughts in the mind. This posture should be practiced without straining any body parts. Other exercises like Pranayam and meditation also help the individual to treat the eyes of any ailments and it also increases the concentration and devotion in the work. According to yoga there is one third eye of the humans which exists between the eyebrows. One should always try to concentrate on this particular third eye. It boosts one's concentration and meditation and imparts capability with simple breathing exercises.

Meditation exercises should also be carried along with Pranayam (breathing exercises). Breath should be held for quite some time so that the effect of the treatment stays longer. Pranayama helps in increasing concentration and taking up Pranayama exercises on regular basis helps one to provide sure treatment to a wide variety of eye diseases. It provides freedom from various eye diseases and also increases one's memory power and at the same time increases concentration in work thereby increasing productivity.

Since the ancient times yoga has helped to improve the physical as well as the mental condition of an individual. Also in yoga are various measures which when followed result in great benefit in various disorders. Various yogic practices that can be followed for eye care are Yoga sun gazing, Eye accommodation, Eye squeezing, nasal massage, head lift techniques and various other measures.

  • Yoga Sun Gazing:
    • In yoga sun gazing was used as a means to completely fill the body, mind and soul with the healing power of solar light and meditate. The most appropriate way to do so was to go outside at sunrise or sunset when the solar light is orange or reddish orange in color and rays coming out are a bit weaker in strength one must open his eyes wide taking in nine deep breaths (inhaling and exhaling gently) while looking towards the sun.
    • You can easily feel the energy of sun traveling through your body into various systems and Chakras.
    • After this now gently cover your eyes with your palms for a few minutes. Relaxing your eyes and releasing out the stress and tension in your mind, and eyes.
    • But while performing this gaze one must take care to not to gaze too long and also the strength of sun rays should be appropriate to gaze on (sunset or sunrise).
  • Accommodation Exercises for Eye (Improving distant vision):
    • Various yogic exercises benefit the eyes by means of giving strength to the eye muscles as well as improving the eye sight. Thus these exercises help the human eye to improve its ability to change its focus and see distant objects clearly. As with progressive age we know that the accommodative eye muscles get weakened. But if an individual continues to use and exercise these muscles regularly eye sight will remain strong throughout the life.
    • Hold a card or place it at a distance now look and read out the letters on it after a while start looking at an object at least 20 feet away e.g. a car, building or tree.
    • Repeat this three to four times a day. Then look at an object about 20 to 30 feet away than the first object. Repeat the eye movements back and forth at least three times. Continue to do looking at objects to a further distance.
  • Accommodation Exercise for Eye (Improving near vision):
    • Pick up a distant object at the distance of 20 feet or more and hold in your hands letters in black clear enough to be seen.
    • Hold a card at the eye level at arms length. Now look at the distant object for few moments now move your eyes back to the letter on the card.
    • Now look towards outside as far as you can for a while now look back at your card for a while repeat this in same way by first looking at the card and the at a distance further then the previous.
    • And then at a point when you stop seeing or vision is blurred now close your eyes for a few moments relaxing them.
    • Now begin rubbing your hands and palms together with each other so they get warm enough now place these palms on each of your eyes. Relax and enchant “OM”.