VCD for Pregnant Ladies

Yoga VCD for Pregnant Ladies

New Yoga VCD for Pregnant Ladies By Swami Ramdev ji in Hindi

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This New VCD contains Pranayama, Yoga Asanas, and Acupressure & Home remedy for pregnant ladies. This VCD explains how by following just simple measures one can have a very beautiful and healthy child. These measures have been described keeping in mind the sensitive condition of pregnant ladies this explains how asanas can be performed even at this time. This also explains their are certain guidelines as mentioned in Ayurveda that are to be followed for a healthy and beautiful child.

As mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts it is said that whatever a pregnant mother thinks, feels, sense, eats, desires etc all these are related to the child growing in her womb. It also explains how the various types of Pranayama techniques are beneficial in increasing the levels of oxygen content in the mother’s body. So as the child always receives the fresh supply of oxygen and does not becomes oxygen deficient. This explains how if you want to be blessed with a healthy, powerful, intelligent & high moral values having child you must not just eat healthy but also have to think healthy.

Regular Practice of yoga Pranayama will prevent you to become a mother of a mongole, disabled, mentally retarded or sick child. It will also prevent you from depression, high BP, obesity, thyroid, asthma, arthritis, vomiting, loose motions and back ache during the pregnancy. All The useful breathing exercises, small exercises, home remedies, for pregnant women. Regular & balance diet herbs for conception and all the "sanskaras" and ancient traditions as preached and told by our Indian saints & rishis.

All these yoga asanas are beneficial as the also prevent the risks of miscarriage, misconception, and delivery related complications. This explains the various measures that are to be followed before delivery, during delivery, and after delivery. So this VCD gives us a complete picture so as to have a healthy baby as well as healthy mother. It also throws light on the yogic asanas that can be performed by the mother after delivery so as to help her loose the excessive gained weight. It also explains how she can get back into shape. Have a beautiful body and yet enjoy motherhood.