Sciatica Pain Natural Cure

Various home remedies for Sciatica are:

  • In most cases massage can be done by any person, not just a trained therapist. And following this the patient feels relief.
  • Alternate therapy with heat and ice also helps to provide relief in Sciatica. A very beneficial home remedy in sciatica.
  • Also one must have enough bed rest.
  • Various types of stretches and sciatica exercises that you can ever imagine are also beneficial when practiced.
  • Inversions can also be done carefully to obtain the maximum effects. A very beneficial home remedy in sciatica.
  • A positive approach using yoga is also helps in preventing the sciatica pain.
  • Regular massage can be provided using mustard oil in combination with the garlic cloves. Heat it to burn it away and then allo w it to cool down and then use it to massage the back this helps to control the pain and even provides relief from it. A very beneficial home remedy in sciatica.
  • One should sleep on bed that keeps the back straight as much as possible. And does not curves it down or bends it. A very beneficial home remedy in sciatica.
  • One should also perform regular exercise as it not only keeps the spine flexible but also provides relief from pain.
  • When yoga is regularly practiced it helps the spine to retain flexibility and strength.
  • One should regularly perform Surya Namaskara or the Sun Salutation. Since this is very much beneficial. It keeps the whole of the body healthy and disease free. And moreover it even keeps the spine flexible and provides strength to the spinal column. A very beneficial home remedy in sciatica.
  • Also regular stretching of the spine must be done so as to keep the spinal muscles and ligaments healthy and stretched.
  • While sitting one should also keep the spinal column as much straight as possible. And prevent the curving. A very beneficial home remedy in sciatica.
  • While performing various activities one should keep the natural posture of the spine as much as possible.

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