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Divya Savrna-Maksika Bhasma 5 gm.
Divya Maha Vata Vidhvamsana Rasa 10 gm.
Divya Pravala Pisti 10 gm.
Divya Brhad Vata Cintamani Rasa 1 gm.
Divya Yoga Raja Guggulu 20 gm.
Divya Chandraprabha Vati 40 gm.
Divya Punarnavadi Mandura 20 gm.
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Gout is a problem in which uric acid start depositing in the joints causing pains and swellings in them. Actually uric acid is the derivative of proteins and due to protein mal absorption and mis metabolism, the problem of gout occurs. It is a kind of arthritis which has a painful effect on joints and in long term it may lead to deformity of the joint.

Below are certain home remedies that helps in getting rid of this gout problem

  1. Cherries are Vitamin C rich hence these helps in evading the gout depostion in the joints. It also helpful in increasing the protein metabolism thereby helps in non formation of excessive uric acid ion the body
  2. Apple is also another wonderful home remdy for gout probem. As apples helps in rectifying the production of urioc acid in the blood thereby helps ion evading gout problem.
  3. Drinking of at least 10 15 glasses of water every day is also helpful in reliving from gout symptoms.
  4. Take potash alum and salt. Mix them in warm water and then immerse the affected joint in it. By following this meathod one can get immediate relief from the gout pains.
  5. Sunflower seed are another effective home remedy for gout. Sunflowers helps in protein metabolism in body thus removes excessive uric acid from it.
  6. Juice extracted from French beans is also an effective home remedy for gout. Regularly drink this juice for a month to see the marvelous results.
  7. Apple cider vinegar is another good home remedy for gout. Mix 2 table spoon of apple cider vinegar with two table spoon of honey. By consuming this wonderful combination you will be able to release the pain immediately.
  8. Applying ice on the affected part is one of the most wonder home remedy that helps in relieving from the agony of gout.
  9. One table spoon of pepper is mixed with one cup of vinegar is dabbed on the affected area. It helps in relieving pain from the affected area.
  10. Strawberries also help in gout condition. Hence strawberries will help in relieving from pain and agony of gout.