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What is depression?

Depression is a condition as described by is a state in which a person feels sad and he also loses interest in his activities. It is essential that mood swing and depression are two different conditions prior being a temporary state. In depression state one has to work hard to come out from that sorrow condition. It can be compared to various other heath diseases like diabetes, hypertension in which proper care and medication is required. Counseling is another important aspect in rectifying the suffering from depression.

Symptoms mentioned by Baba Ramdev about depression

Gloominess – 

People who were happy and were enjoying every bit of their lives and profession suddenly loses interest in everything and becomes gloomy and sad. This condition may also accompany by suicidal tendencies and very low and dull attitude. Such people often try to aloof them from social circuit and live life in isolation.

Low self confidence

Another common symptom mentioned by Baba Ramdev is low self confidence and low self esteem. Person feels hesitant in talking and interacting to others. They try to hide themselves from the world and think that those people will hurt you or would criticize you. If this condition appears in young kids they often stop going to school and also does not mix up with other children. Even if these kids are in class, they take minimum interest in class activities and always isolate themselves from other students. They feel shy and has very low confidence in interacting with others.

Lack of interest – 

This symptom is generally the first to be noticed. A person who otherwise takes interest in his or hobbies loses all his interest. Hobbies and other leisure activities get long forgotten. The mood is always unhappy and does not like indulging in any kind of fun activity. Feeling of worthlessness is the biggest thing noticed in people suffering from depression. Such people also lose interest in family matters and official engagements. These people try to avoid themselves to be presented in public and crowd.

Insomnia – 

Insomnia means a condition in which a person is unable to sleep especially at night. These people generally try to complete their sleep in day time as they have sleepless nights. Due to such a condition a person finds it very hard to focus on his routine work. He is always irritated and feels unhealthy physically as well as becomes dull mentally.

Weight variations

It has been seen in people with depression generally has a weight gain with not visible cause attached to it. There is increased level of adipose tissues in their body that is extremely harmful. It has also come to the notice that people who are facing depression actually at higher risk of getting higher blood cholesterol levels a condition technically known as hyperlipedemia. In some cases it has been also observed that people with depression often indulge in over eating especially high calorie food. This condition is known as “emotional eating”. Swami Ramdev, the yoga guru from India has laid stress on proper eating and good dietary regimen to prevent unwanted weight gains that is a big factor of other fatal diseases like Hypertension, Heart attacks etc.

Home remedies for treating Depression

There are so many ayurvedic herbs that are very helpful in treating the depression problems few of them are mentioned below.

    1. St John Wort – This is a wonderful herb that is helpful in treating depression problem. There have been many researches regarding this wonderful herb. St John herb as per the researches helps in reducing the serotonin amount in the body thus helps in reducing the depressive feeling.
    2. Brahmi (bacopa) – A herb that has gained world fame because of its tremendous health benefits especially pertaining to brain. Brahmi or bacopa is very much helpful in supporting the depression patient. It helps in normalizing the low or sad feeling to happy feeling. It reduces stress and sadness. It is also beneficial in removing the suicidal tendencies in the mind. It relaxes mind and helps in gaining over the panic attack.
    3. Jatamansi – An herb that need no introduction. This herb has been used since centuries to overcome all the mind related problems. This herb is also beneficial in reducing the high blood pressure condition. According to Baba Ramdev ji maharaj this herb works like a magic in insomnia or sleeplessness condition.

Some basic home remedies for depression recommended by Swami Ramdev

    1. Nut meg mixed with Amalaki (Amla) juice 2 teaspoon each is one of the best known home remedy for depression condition
    2. Mulethi or licorice consumed in the form of tea has been found very effective in treating the condition of depression. The method of preparation is very simple. Boil the root of licorice in water for about 20 minutes and then after rinsing off the mixture consume it after adding bit honey to it.
    3. Elachi or cradomon is also very beneficial in depression condition. Take about half a teaspoon (2-3 grams) of its powder. Add it to a cup full of boiling water along with sugar. This home remedy is very effective in giving instant relief in depression attack.
    4. One of the best home remedy that is highly recommended by Swami Ramdev is by consuming chamomile tea. Just add it into a glass of boiling water and let it get reduced to half. Consume it twice daily.