Home Remedy For Liver Cirrhosis

Various home remedies for Cirrhosis of Liver

  • Spinach is considered extremely useful for various condition of liver. So in this case spinach juice around 200 ml is beneficial especially in cirrhosis of liver also one can go on to add around the same amount of carrot juice to it to get out the most benefit. Thus is an excellent home remedy for cirrhosis of liver.
  • Take black papaya seeds and grind them well take around one table spoonful of this powder and added only just 10 drops of lime juice to it then go on to drink this infusion two times a day for a month to benefit in cirrhosis. Thus making it an excellent home remedy for cirrhosis of liver.
  • Sacred fig is also considered extremely beneficial for cirrhosis one can wash around four leaves of sacred fig mash them, with sugar and mix in around 250 ml of water consuming it twice a day. Thus is a very beneficial home remedy for cirrhosis of liver.
  • Also one must decrease the intake of fats in cirrhosis.
  • Also alcohol must be avoided since this is a poison for liver and can worsen the condition of cirrhosis.
  • One can also take a teaspoon of glucose in water in this condition. Since energy is lost in this condition and one has to fulfill the needs of energy.
  • Lemon water with a pinch of rock salt is also useful. This makes it the simplest a most beneficial home remedy for cirrhosis of liver.
  • You can also consume 50 grams of radish leaves along with the tender stem making juice of it and then consuming it every morning empty stomach. Is also very effective home remedy in cirrhosis.
  • Avoid fried, junk, spicy food since it would go on to worsen the condition.
  • Various yogic asanas are beneficial. Breathing techniques as pranayam is extremely beneficial.
  • There are certain ayurvedic herbs as Kaalmegha, Bhumiamalaki, and Bhrinraj have certain constituents in them that go on to work as hepatocytes. Thus when consumed they bring about the toning of the liver. Making them an excellent herbal remedy for cirrhosis.
  • Milk products should also be taken with caution.
  • Avoid cold drinks and other artificial flavored drinks. Hot beverages and stimulants like tea and coffee are also to be restricted.
  • Another effective way of curing cirrhosis would be to extract the juice of the herb Eclipta. 1 tsp of its juice should be mixed with 1 tsp of honey and consumed three times a day. Making this an excellent home remedy for cirrhosis.
  • Warm water enema is also beneficial and can be used daily to cleanse the bowel.
  • Hot and cold compresses for about 2 to 3 minutes on the liver area are also very beneficial in cirrhosis of liver.
  • Tomato juice with black salt is also extremely good. This is a very beneficial home remedy for cirrhosis.

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