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Cataract & Glaucoma

Various home remedies for Cataract

Although considered a very serious disorder yet there are various home remedies that help in reducing down the severity of this disease as;

  • One can consume carrot or should regularly consume carrot juice twice a day. A best and simple home remedy for cataract.
  • Grapes and oranges also help to heal cataract. Most natural home remedy for cataract.
  • Also adding 2 to 3 cloves of garlic to your diet would benefit by means of cleansing the crystalline lens of the eye. A very beneficial home remedy for cataract.
  • Soaked raisins and dates are also very beneficial when consumed in cataract. An extremely beneficial remedy for cataract.
  • Salads made up of raw vegetables that are a rich source of Vitamin A are beneficial.
  • Consume more of spinach, fenugreek, turnips, drum sticks and few nuts in diet. Spinach benefits as it contains antioxidants and beta carotenes that are helpful in preventing this disease.
  • Place some almonds in milk overnight and the next morning go ahead and mix sandalwood to it forming a mixture and apply this onto the eyelids it helps in reducing down the redness in eyes. A very beneficial remedy for cataract.
  • Take small pieces of cardamom grind them and put them in milk and boil it to lukewarm temperature. Then consume this lukewarm milk at night.
  • Diet rich in Vitamin E and C is also very beneficial in cataract.
  • Also Vitamin B1 helpful for brain functioning is also useful for various eye problems.
  • Various yoga asanas or postures are helpful in curing cataract.
  • Bharamari Pranayam is also helpful in curing cataract. Most natural remedy for cataract.
  • Also placing palms on your eyes and pressing gently for about 20 to 30 seconds at least for four to five times a day is beneficial.
  • Take aniseed around 6 gms everyday in morning and evening hours is beneficial.
  • Grind around 7 kernels of almond and pepper around half gms in water. Then add sugar to it as per need and consume it this is useful in curing cataract.
  • Also consuming Gingko helps in promoting blood circulation and is useful for cataract treatment.
  • Grape seed extracts are also useful since they contain antioxidants helpful in increasing blood circulation. A very beneficial remedy for cataract.
  • Epsom salt baths are also very beneficial in cataract as one can have this bath twice a week. Remain in this bath 25 to 35 minutes till you perspire freely. And then go on to cool off gradually. One benefits the most from this home remedy for cataract.
  • Also performing various eye exercises that help in relaxing and the strengthening of eye muscles.
  • Triphala water is also useful in treating of cataract. But before using it filter it and wash your eyes away. One benefits the most from this home remedy for cataract.
  • Avoid bread, potatoes, refined cereals, strong tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking, pickles and sauces.
  • And also junk food must be avoided.
  • Regularly rest your eyes and should avoid excessive sunlight by wearing glasses.
  • A mixture prepared of brown sugar, coriander powder and aniseed when taken around 12 grams in mornings and evenings is beneficial.