Adenitis/Tumor growth - Tumor Home Remedies

Various home remedies for Adenitis/Tumor

  • Reduce tumor size by consuming green tea, folic acid, omega 3 oils and selenium and vitamin D in diet. This is the most natural remedy for Adenitis or tumor.
  • Also regular consumption of garlic and turmeric bring about the blockage in tumor nourishment thus producing tumor death. This is a very beneficial remedy for adenitis or tumor growth.
  • Also consume carotene rich for and also foods containing anti oxidants in them. Most beneficial for adenitis or tumor growth.
  • Although once tumor has come into existence it is very difficult to revert is but yet ayurveda and yoga have described various means which when followed will keep one healthy and shall prepare your body to fight against tumor way better.
  • Yoga is a great physical as well as mental science that serves not only the purpose to provide strength to the body but also to the brain.
  • Yoga has the power of healing particularly due to the property that it reinforces the immune system. Thus very much beneficial for adenitis or tumor.
  • For individual suffering from cancer yoga can be a real source of empowerment because of its positive effect on the body.
  • These yogic asanas or postures not only just help to stimulates but also brings a balance in all the systems in the body may it be respiratory, circulatory, reproductive, digestive, nervous, endocrine, muscular, and urogenital.
  • These physical exercises or the asanas work on the internal organs and the systems of the body in a number of ways. These even include the joints, ligaments and muscles.
  • One must also take care of his or her diet to as alcohol and cigarette consumption should be stooped at all.
  • One must also avoid eating junk food as it results in ill health.
  • But instead one must consume healthy foods as fruits, vegetables, nuts, dals, pulses, etc. these when become a regular part of the diet they help in building up a very strong immune system.
  • Yoga has also been discovered to help cancer (tumor) patients out of the trauma that accompanies the diagnosis. Any individual suffering from cancer suffers a severe mental shock and depression etc. and according to yoga the effortless breathing techniques, relaxations, and meditation techniques can help a patient to deal with it. This is also helpful in dealing with the anxiety of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Also yoga is a holistic healing system creating a harmony and balance in the levels of body, mind, emotions and spirit.
  • Yoga encourages the development of inner resources in dealing with life changing illness to the self awareness and resilient stable pathways in your mind, body and soul.
  • Through relaxation it calms down the nervous system decreasing the stress and anxiety which resulted in lowering of immune functioning and hindering healing. But when yoga is practiced all these obstacles are removed.
  • Through breathing exercise by improving the respiration rate help in releasing out the tension and restoring the balance and calmness.
  • Through meditation as it helps to develop detachment and clarity of thoughts that enables you to acknowledge and accept the reality and cope up with your fears.
  • The se yogic postures or asanas help in clearing out the toxins, by means of increasing the energy levels enhancing the functioning of our internal organs and systems.

Natural Remedies for Adenitis or Tumor are

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