Divya Sphatika Bhasm


Divya Sphatik Bhasm 10 gm
Useful in dysmenorrhoea etc.

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Sphatika is a type of mineral that is produced from earth and is known as “Alum” as per modern terminology. This is basically of two types red ands white.

Sphatika in modern terminology is known as alum. Sphatika is used in conditions both internally as well as externally. Actually, Sphatika is used with all the other medications to make them doubly effective. This is usually used in the treatment of various types of hemorrhagic and bleeding disorders.

In ancient times Sphatika was used for the treatment of tonsillitis. It was discovered that the disease was more frequent amongst the group of male children (11 - 20 years). Sphatika had a marked effect on treatment of tonsillitis in times dependant upon Ayurveda. The various symptoms started to decrease in just a day or two after commencement of therapy. Sphatika being kasaya, katu, tikta, usna and jwara-hara in its essential actions, it is also used to reduce the inflammation of the tonsils, thereby regulating the increased body temperature. Sphatika`s antibiotic activity brilliantly subdues further multiplication of the pathogens within the body.

Ayurveda describes Sphatika as an essential astringent, haemostatic and an antiseptic. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic and antibiotic properties, quite a handful when speaking in terms of treatment of tonsillitis in Ayurveda. It is also known that in yesteryears, a fine powder of purified Sphatika was used for local application over tonsils and faucets thrice daily before meals. In likewise manner, 1 gm of Sphatika dissolved in half cup lukewarm water was taken internally.

The key ingredients of Sphatika Bhasm as per their Sanskrit or the Indian names are:

  • Sphatika
  • Dharit Kumari
  • Bhang ka ras

Sphatika Bhasm is beneficial in following conditions:

  • Sphatika is known to bring about reduction in various types of inflammations.
  • This is also known for its ability to cures dry as well as wet cough.
  • Sphatika is also used to cure chronic cough.
  • This is also beneficial in asthma.
  • This is also beneficial in pneumonia.
  • Sphatika is also helpful as it reduces the levels of toxins in the body thus is known to be having a purifying effect.
  • Sphatika is also useful in various types of conditions resulted due to the consumption of various types of poisons.
  • This is also useful in the condition of obstructive urination.
  • Sphatika maintains a balance between all the three Doshas in the body.
  • Sphatika is also beneficial in diabetes mellitus.
  • This is also known to benefit in various types of skin ailments.
  • This is found to be of great use for the purpose of treatment in leprosy.
  • Sphatika is known to be having blood purifying effect on our body. Thus it is known to cleanse the body by means of flushing away the toxins.
  • Reduces the episodes of asthmatic attacks in patients with asthma.
  • Sphatika is also very well known for the anti microbial property of it. This is known for producing an anti microbial effect on not only the region where it is used but also on the entire body.
  • Sphatika is found to be very beneficial in children suffering from whooping cough.
  • Sphatika is also known for its use in the treatment of different types of plagues.
  • Sphatika is also known to cure malaria.
  • Sphatika is also beneficial for the treatment of fevers of various origins.
  • This is extremely beneficial in various types of eye disorders.
  • Sphatika is also used for the purpose of wound disinfection.
  • Benefits women suffering from excessive menstrual bleeding.
  • Due to its haemostatic property Sphatika is used in a large number of bleeding disorders.

Dosage: -

2 – 4 tablespoon consumed with honey or ghee as per the requirement of condition.

FAQ’s on Sphatika:

What is Sphatika?

Sphatika is a type of mineral that is produced from earth and is known as “Alum” as per modern terminology. This is basically of two types red ands white.

Who can take Sphatika Bhasma?

Because this is a herbal medicine and is relatively mild and gentle on the human body, so can be taken by practically everyone, regardless of age and gender. People can take this against various types of ailments.

Are their any side effects of this preparation?

There are no known side effects to taking Sphatika. Till the date, there is no record of any person who experienced side effects after using Sphatika. Person of any age, staying in any environment can benefit from Sphatika.

What type of action does this preparation has on the body?

It has anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic and antibiotic properties, and is very useful in terms of treatment of tonsillitis.