Divya Saptavimshati Guggulu - Herbal Piles Treatment

Rajat(silver) Bhasm
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The key ingredients of Saptavimshati Guggulu are:

  1. Trikatu
  2. Triphala
  3. Nagarmotha
  4. Via Vidangh
  5. Giloy
  6. Chitrak mul
  7. Kahchur
  8. Badi elachi
  9. Pipal mul
  10. Devdaro
  11. Tejbul ke phul
  12. Pohkar mul
  13. Chavya
  14. Haldi or turmeric
  15. Daro Haldi
  16. Vid namak
  17. Kala namak
  18. Yavkshar
  19. Sajjikhar
  20. Sendha namak 
  21. Gaj Pipali

Saptavimshati Guggulu is beneficial in following conditions:

  1. Saptavimshati is useful in piles as well as hemorrhoids.
  2. Saptavimshati is also used for the treatment of various types of wounds.
  3. Because of it’s this ability it brings about the early as well as quick healing of the wound.
  4. Saptavimshati is also beneficial in various types of cardiac disorders.
  5. Saptavimshati is also useful to bring about relief in various types of pains that are resulted from any origin. But to the most this is used for relief in pains that are of bony origins.
  6. Saptavimshati is also beneficial in various types of urinary tract infections (UTI). This herbal preparation is found to be useful in case of individuals suffering from acute as well as chronic urinary tract infections.
  7. Saptavimshati is also used for the treatment of various types of inflammatory conditions of the intestine.
  8. Saptavimshati is also used for the treatment of any types of worm infestations in the body. And moreover this is beneficial in any age group of patients and is not specifically for a special age group.
  9. Saptavimshati is also useful in various types of skin ailments.
  10. Saptavimshati is also used as a best treatment option in case of individuals suffering from leprosy.
  11. Saptavimshati brings about a healthy and beautiful skin that is free from any ailments.


  1. One can consume 2 – 4 tablets twice a day in morning and evening.
  2. Should be consumed along with honey.

FAQ’s on Saptavimshati:

Is this herbal preparation beneficial in urinary tract infections resulted due to E.coli?

Yes this herbal preparation is very beneficial in urinary tract infections that are resulted due to any types of microorganisms. As most common Urinary tract infections are caused due to E.coli so when one uses this herbal preparation regularly it renders them free from infections.

Can this herbal preparation be consumed daily?

Yes one can consume this herbal preparation daily. As it is known for having a very broad range of activity on various systems and structures, so even if used daily on a regular basis this does not produces any detrimental effects on the body.

How does this herbal preparation benefits in quick wound healing?

As per the constituents in this herbal preparation and their activities this herbal preparation quickens the process of healing of the wound. This is brought about by accelerating all the components necessary for wound healing as bringing about the removal of unwanted pathogens or microbes form the wound, accelerating the process of collagen formation, increasing the blood circulation to the area, and building up the immune system of that area. Etc.