Divya Rasaraja Rasa - Natural Energy Supplement

Divya Rasraj Ras- 1Gm

Divya Rasraj Ras- 1Gm

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Rasaraja is considered beneficial as it provides strength to the body and great Supplement For Energy . But in addition to this it is a Natural Energy Supplement and even known to be bringing about the shaman i.e. reduction or elimination of the three Doshas. As these Doshas are the main source of disease production in any healthy body so when the elimination of these Doshas is resulted it as Supplement For Energy helps in the attainment of a healthy mind and body.

This brings about the delaying the process of aging, providing iron to the body; is also useful in anemic condition, provides great support for arthritis, helps to treat fatigue of any origin, works as a memory booster, acts as a health supplements for sports fitness, works as anti-stress herbal remedy.

The key ingredients of Rasaraja Rasa as per their Sanskrit or the Indian names are:

  • Ras Sindhur
  • Abhrak Bhasm
  • Suwarn Bhasm
  • Moti Pisthi
  • Prawal Bhasm
  • Loh Bhasm
  • Ropya Bhasm
  • Vangha Bhasm
  • Ashwagandha
  • Long
  • Javetri
  • Jaiphul
  • Kakoli

Rasaraja Rasa is beneficial in following conditions:

  • Rasaraja Rasa helps in giving strength to the body.
  • Also this Rasa is found to be Tridoshnasak.
  • Rasaraja is beneficial in paralysis.
  • Extremely beneficial in facial paralysis.
  • Very beneficial in Tympanitis and tinnitus.
  • Rasaraja is also beneficial in various types of headaches and even in migraine pain.
  • Rasaraja is extremely beneficial in blood pressure.
  • Beneficial in various types of cardiac disorders.
  • Beneficial in various types of nervous disorders.
  • Rasaraja is found to be beneficial in various types of genital disorders.
  • Also found to be beneficial in various types of respiratory disorders.
  • Also helps in impotency.
  • Extremely beneficial in diabetes mellitus.
  • Rasaraja is also beneficial in various types of renal disorders.
  • Also helpful in increasing the sperm count.
  • Helps in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system.
  • Rasaraja also prevents the hardening of the arteries with age.

Dosage: -

  • 1 tablet twice a day. And while having one must lick honey along with it and then drink cow’s milk over it.

FAQ’s about Rasaraja Rasa:

Is this herbal medicine useful for diabetes?

This herbal drug is found to be very useful in diabetes mellitus. It is known for its capability to maintain the levels of sugar or glucose in blood to such a level that one feels completely comfortable.

This herbal remedy works on reduction of which Dosha?

This is known to bring about the reduction of all the three dosha’s. Therefore it provides complete health and fitness to the body.

How is this absorbed by the body?

This is readily absorbed by the body. Since this is processed in such a way that it is made as minute as possible that it is easily made available for all the tissues. When consumed this herbal drug enters the bloodstream then it moves around into the body nourishing all the systems, tissues etc.

Is it prescribed to a specific age group of individuals? If yes what is the age group?

No this herbal preparation can be prescribed to any age group of individuals. This drug is beneficial in any age group of individuals.