Divya Prawal Panchamrita Rasa- Natural Daily Health Supplement

Divya Praval panchamrit 5gm

Divya Praval panchamrit 5gm

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The key ingredients of Prawal Panchamrita Rasa as per their Sanskrit or the Indian names are:

  • Prawal Pisthi
  • Moti Pisthi
  • Shankha Bhasm
  • Mukta Sukti Bhasm
  • Kodi Bhasm
  • Ark ka Dodh

Prawal Panchamrita Rasa is beneficial in following conditions:

  • Prawal Panchamrita is known to be having maximum beneficial effect on the liver, spleen, and various gastric organs.
  • Prawal Panchamrita is beneficial in various types of Kapha and Pitta diseases.
  • Prawal Panchamrita is also known for it Rasayana like properties on the body.
  • Prawal Panchamrita is beneficial in various types of fibrous growths in the body.
  • This is also beneficial in indigestion.
  • Prawal Panchamrita benefits in diabetes Mellitus.
  • Prawal Panchamrita is known for its benefits in cough.
  • Prawal Panchamrita is known to benefit in various types of urinary disorders.
  • This is also known to benefit in various types of fevers.
  • This is also known to benefit in asthma.
  • Prawal Panchamrita is also known to prevent stone formation in the body.
  • Prawal Panchamrita strengthens the immune system of the body.
  • Prawal Panchamrita is beneficial in various types of intestinal disorders as its inflammations or infections.
  • Prawal Panchamrita is also used for the treatment of various types of cardiac disorders.
  • Brings about the cleansing of the entire body systems.
  • Used as a daily health supplement and a high quality calcium tonic for proper care of bones. It normalizes the body acids / alkaline.
  • Increases sperm count.
  • Benefits in anemia.
  • Prawal also benefits in various types of eye disorders.
  • Prawal reduces down the effects of various types of poisons consumed.
  • Strengthens cardiac muscles. Also brings about benefit in various types of liver disorders.

Dosage: -

  • 1 – 2 teaspoon can be consumed twice a day along with honey or with ginger juice.

FAQ’s on Prawal:

If I am suffering from sea foods allergy is it safe for me to use this preparation?

Yes even if one if suffering from any allergy towards sea food one can use this preparation comfortably. Since this has gone through various measures during its preparations that render it free from the impurities that might result in any allergic reaction. But caution might yet be observed.

How long do I have to take Prawal before I can see any results?

As one knows that herbal medications provide a long term and progressive effect so they can work immediately in acute conditions. But yet one has to wait for around 3 – 4 weeks before one can see complete benefit.

Does it show any aphrodisiac properties?

Yes this herbal preparation is known for producing aphrodisiac properties too. It strengthens reproductive system and enhancing the blood supply to the genitals thus increasing their capability to perform during intercourse. This is also useful in Spermatorrhoea and sexual functions.

This brings about the reduction of which Dosha’s in the body?

Kapha and Pitta Dosha are reduced by the regular usage of this herbal preparation.