Divya Laksadi Guggulu - Herbal Bone Fracture Treatment

Divya Moti(Mukta)

Divya Lakshadi Guggulu 20gm

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The key ingredients of Laksadi Guggulu as per their Sanskrit or Indian names are:

  1. Lakh
  2. Asthisanhar
  3.  Bark of Arjuna
  4. Ashwagandha
  5. Nag bala

Laksadi Guggulu is beneficial in following conditions:

  1. This is extremely beneficial in various types of osteo or bone deformities. used as Herbal Bone Fracture Treatment
  2. Individuals suffering from any types of fracture and on any region of their body when consume this herbal preparation regularly this brings about relief in pain, swelling as well as edema.
  3. Laksadi Guggulu is also known to bring about the early healing of fracture.
  4. Laksadi is also beneficial in various types of cardiac disorders.
  5. Laksadi Guggulu is also known to benefit in general weakness as well as debility.
  6. Laksadi brings about the nourishment of all the systems within the body.
  7. Laksadi Guggulu is also helps to prevent tumorous growth in the body.
  8. Laksadi Guggulu also helps in the reduction of Pitta aggregation in the body that might result in development of a serious disorder.
  9. Laksadi Guggulu is also beneficial in inflammation.
  10. This is beneficial in anemia.
  11. Laksadi Guggulu is also beneficial in diabetes mellitus.
  12. This also helps to fight against various types of blood disorders.
  13. Laksadi Guggulu is also beneficial in various types of skin ailments.
  14. Laksadi Guggulu helps in the maintenance of healthy metabolism and brings about the elimination of toxins from the body.
  15. It is a strong purgative so it is to be given in proper dosage other wise it may cause extremes harms to the body.
  16. Laksadi Guggulu is a useful herbal remedy to bring about the rejuvenation of the musculo-skeletal system.
  17. Maintains healthy metabolism and removes toxins from the system.
  18. It boosts the Shukra Dhatu (Spermatozoa) in males and is effectively used in sexual debility.
  19. Individuals suffering from osteoporosis should use this herbal preparation regularly.
  20. Because it benefits the bone mass density. So in case of individuals having a weak bony structure should use this herbal preparation.
  21. Laksadi Guggulu is very beneficial in children in their early years of growth. Since this is known to bring about the strengthening of bones. So in their adolescent age when the bones are growing this herbal preparation is really useful.

FAQ’s on Laksadi Guggulu:

I am suffering from osteoarthritis is it safe for me to use this herbal preparation and would it benefit me?

Yes this herbal preparation is completely useful in individuals suffering from osteoarthritis. And moreover it is also completely safe for use since this is a completely herbal preparation so it is not known to produce any detrimental effects on the body itself. Because of it activity this herbal preparation is used in any type of bone related disease or deformity.

Is this herbal preparation going to do any good to children suffering from dietary deficiency?

Yes this herbal preparation is known to benefit a lot even in case of children suffering from dietary deficiency diseases. This is because this herbal preparation is when given along with proper food it helps in the complete and proper assimilation as well as absorption of the nutrients into the body making it strong and healthy. Therefore it can also be used regularly.

I regularly suffer from mood swings and irritability is this any good for me?

Yes this is very useful in such types of cases as well because in these cases the individual suffers from mood swings or irritability due to fatigue as well as stress. Since this brings about cure in fatigue, general weakness and debility and even helps your body to fight against the stress so it will definitely be of great help in case you are suffering from these mood swings and irritability in your behavior.

How this herbal preparation does helps in case of fracture?

This is extremely beneficial in case of individuals suffering from fracture as it accelerates the process of healing as well as ossification of the fractured bone. As the various components that are present in this herbal preparation they intensify the process of healing and supports it. So it brings about the rapid healing as well as the ossification of the broken bone.