Divya Drishti / Netra Jyoti 15 ml

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Divya Drishti (Netra Jyoti) is the very effective Eye Drops produced by Divya Pharmacy of Baba Ramdev for any kind of eye problem even including cataract and glaucoma .

A Drishti eye drop is a unique formulation from Patanjali Ayurveda established by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Bala Krishan. This herbal eye drops are extremely beneficial in almost all kinds of eye related problems. It not only nourishes eyes but also helps in eradicating various eyes problems. It is also helpful in establishing the vision equality and improves vision. It can be regarded as one of the supreme eye drops that is helpful in eradicating the cataract problem. The precious formulation of this eye drops keeps the eye healthy. The special ingredients of this herbal eye drops by Baba ram dev helps in providing nutrition to the eye muscles and other eye structures. It is also safe for the use of children and thus is recommended to children whose vision is less and eyes are week.

Benefits of Divya Drishti Eye drops

  1. Improves vision
  2. Removes weakness from eyes
  3. Provides nourishment to eye muscles and structure
  4. Helpful in removing dryness from eyes
  5. Helpful in removal of cataract
  6. It is also recommended to Glaucoma patients
  7. Removes burning sensation from eyes
  8. Improves the vision quality
  9. Beneficial in students who have excessive burden on eyes
  10. Helpful for people who are constantly working on computer.


  1. Myopia
  2. Hypermetropia
  3. Cataract
  4. Glaucoma
  5. Diabetic Retinopathy
  6. Muscular Degenerative changes
  7. Retinitis Pigmentosa problem
  8. Color Blindness
  9. Burning in eyes
  10. Watering eyes.


Main ingredients of Divya drishti eye drops by Baba Ramdev are as follows.

  1. Juice of Alliums Cepa,
  2. Juice of Zingiber Officinal,
  3. Juice of Citrus Aurantifolia,
  4. Honey


2 – 3 drops if Divya Drishti eye drops are to be put into eyes two to three times a day. Otherwise as directed by physician.


One bottle contains 15 ml of medicine.


There are no known contraindications of Divya Eye drops if taken in prescribed limits. If the irritation persists please consult your doctor.