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Divya Dant Kanti toothpaste is a product by Patanjali Ayurveda Haridwar. This is an herbal dental cream that has been based on the principle laid by ancient Ayurvedic Gurus and sages. Divya Dant Kanti has been a pioneer in dental care industry as it has brought great relief to patient with dental problems. The unique combination of herbs gives this tooth paste some wonderful properties that help in providing one of the best results that is required for well being.

Divya Dant kanti is purely an herbal preparation powered by Swami Ram Dev’s divya pharmacy. This dental cream does not possess any chemicals or synthetic compounds that may have negative effects on our body. This dental formula helps in building up strong, white, healthy teeth and gums. This is a precious formulation composed of natural ingredients that helps in providing complete and lasting protection to your gums and teeth. The herbal ingredients supports this tooth paste to help to perform the best benefits for which this tooth paste is made for.

The Ingredients of Divya Dant Kanti Toothpaste are:

Vajradanti – Vajrdanti extract helps in providing strength to the gums so that teeth are well placed in their position and does not gets affected by any infections easily.

Pilu - Strengthens the gums and teeth making them string and white

Bakul – helpful in providing natural nourishment to the teeth at tooth root level.

Babool – One of the most famous oral cavity support herb This herb helps in eradicating infections from the oral cavity and makes teeth strong. It does not allow cavity formation thus making teeth disease free. It also removes plaque formations from the teeth.

Akarkara Extract – provides extra strength to gums and jaws so that they can hold the teeth to the optimum strength.

Majuphal - Another wonderful Ayurvedic herb that not only supports teeth and gums but also rectifies false smells from the joint and makes mouth flavor perfect.

Karpur – This herb has wonderful action on oral cavity. It helps in increasing blood flow in oral cavity thus providing nourishment and extra nutrition to gums and tooth root. It is also helpful in stopping bleeding in the gums.

Vidang Extract – This famous Ayurvedic herb is helpful in eradicating all types of infections and pathogens from the teeth and teeth joints. It makes the mouth fresh.

Nimb or Neem Extract – No need to describe this pious and sacred herb. This is a natural antibiotic that not only helps in eradicating bacterial and fungal infection but also helps in changing the mouth taste.

Lavang Extract – lavang or loung provides flavor to the tooth paste and is improves salivary secretion in mouth.

The benefits of this herbal dental preparation are not only restricted for the dental purposes but are also for systemic as following:

  • Divya Dant Kanti helps in eradicating infections from oral cavity thus is beneficial in gingivitis.
  • This herbal dental cream is also beneficial in conditions like toothache, bad breath & spongy and bleeding gums.
  • Natural tooth paste by Swami Ramdev helps in preventing the plaque and tartar formation on the teeth especially in case of smokers and tobacco consumers.
  • Divya Dant Kanti Provides extra shine and whiteness to teeth.
  • This wonderful tooth paste is also helpful in strengthening the gums and tooth root.
  • It is helpful in relieving from the bad odor problems from the mouth and also rectifies salivary secretions.
  • It is also beneficial in bleeding gums problems.
  • Helps strengthen loose teeth and arrest any bleeding from the gums.
  • Dirty teeth can be cleaned effectively by brushing with this paste.
  • Dant Kanti Is very useful in treating tonsillitis.
  • Wonderful remedy for stomatitis (mouth ulcers)
  • This herbal tooth paste also brings about the prevention of hiccups.
  • Is also beneficial to those suffering from hyperacidity.
  • Dental cream by Swami Ramdev is helpful in improving taste in the oral cavity and also removes coating from the tongue.
  • Brings about the prevention of occurrence of oral ulcerated skin & heals it.
  • Helps in curing the hoarseness produced due to shouting or singing loudly.


This tooth paste is very good. Since the day I have started using it, It has resolved all my dental problems. My teeth have also become white and strong.

Dinesh, Singapore

The herbal formulation of this unique dental cream made by Swami Ramdev have change my life. Earlier I had to visit my dentist every month for some or the other problem and had to spend a lot but since the time I am using this product, I am absolutely fine and happy. Thanks Dant Kanti.

Rita Faria, United states.