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Bilwadi Choorna

Divya Bilwadi Choorna 100 gm

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This herbal medicine is well known for its astringent and alternative property. This is specially indicated in Sprue Syndrome, diarrhoea and dysentery. Bilvadi is a best known therapy for Grahani roga and also in diseases associated with the symptoms of diarrhoea. Bilvadi also benefits in fissure in ano patients. This is also helpful in regulating a regularized movement of stools and maintains a quotient of our stool.

This herbal preparation is known of being Kapha - Vata shamak means it is hot by nature, action is stronger and removes Kapha and Vata by nature & due to this capability it helps in expelling Intestinal gases, prevents fermentation & activates digestion and thus improves appetite. It also works on Intestinal obstructions. This is a very useful ‘Ama' removing or detoxifying herbal preparation. It is also a potent pain killer as well as anti-inflammatory. It also improves appetite and is good for digestive and respiratory system. This is remarkable in bringing about the reduction of markers of inflammation in the blood and acts as a very potent analgesic.

The key ingredients of Bilvadi Churna as per their Sanskrit or the Indian names are:

  • Moch Rasa
  • Saunth
  • Dried Bhang (that has been washed with water and dried in shade)
  • Dhay ka phool
  • Dhaniya
  • Seed or giri from unripe Bael

Bilvadi is beneficial in following conditions:

  • Bilvadi in bringing about the clearance of toxics from the body.
  • Bilvadi promotes insulin secretion and utilization.
  • Is also recommended for nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and anorexia.
  • Bilvadi is very beneficial in Sprue Syndrome.
  • Also is very beneficial in diarrhoea.
  • Bilvadi helps in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system.
  • Increase the capacity of the body to assimilate and absorb various necessary components of diet.
  • Bilvadi is also helpful in various types of gastric discomforts.
  • Bilvadi is also well known for its anti pyretic and anti parasitic effects.
  • Is also aromatic and aphrodisiac.
  • Bilvadi provides nourishment to heart and mind.
  • Acts as an effective antidote against snake venom.
  • Bilvadi comprises of wound healing properties as well.
  • Bilvadi is useful for the treatment of conjunctivitis, rhinitis, and nocturnal seminal emission.
  • Bilvadi Helps in treatment of hepatitis.
  • Bilvadi cures tuberculosis and diabetes.
  • Is a very beneficial detoxifying agent.
  • Provides relief in various types of intestinal obstructions.
  • Is a very potent analgesic.

Dosage: -

  • Must be consumed 1 – 2 teaspoons thrice a day along with cold water or;
  • One can also consume it with pomegranate juice.

FAQ’s about Bilvadi Churna:

What is the maximum dose that can be consumed of this herbal preparation?

One can consume around 1 - 2 teaspoons of this churna thrice a day. It can be consumed either with cold water or pomegranate juice.

Which Dosha's are known to be affected with this herbal preparation?

 This herbal preparation is known to produce Kapha - Vata shamak effect on the body which means that it is known to bring about the reduction of Kapha and Vata dosha's thus bringing about harmony within the body.

What are the diseases this herbal preparation can be used?

 This preparation is found to be useful in various types of diseases as Sprue Syndrome, diarrhoea, various types of gastric discomforts, also produces anti pyretic and anti parasitic effects, brings about the clearance of toxics from the body, provides nourishment to heart and mind, is a very an effective antidote against snake venom, useful for the treatment of conjunctivitis, rhinitis, and nocturnal seminal emission, hepatitis, tuberculosis, diabetes etc.