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This miraculous herbal preparation useful in many types auto-immune disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. It has immunomodulatory effect and improves our immune system and immune response to antigens. It improves body's defense mechanisms. It gives new life to dying brain cells and rejuvenates the whole body. It is best anti-cancer, immunomodulator and memory enhancing herbal preparation. Giloy Sattva is a most useful Ayurvedic herb which acts as tonic and aphrodisiac, it is also an antihelminthic, anti-arthritic, anti-periodic, anti-pyretic, blood purifier, cardiac, carminative, digestive, diuretic an expectorant, stomachic, rejuvenating, appetizing and anti-inflammatory. In Ayurvedic literature for this reason it is described as Amrita because of its innumerable medicinal properties and it is also said to increase the lifespan of humans by preventing them from many chronic diseases.

It is as well as used for the treatment of chronic diarrhoea and dysentery. Acts as a diuretic and is used in gonorrhea. It is also useful for curing chronic fevers, gouts, vomiting, cardiac debility, skin diseases, leprosy, anemia, cough, asthma, jaundice, seminal weakness, various types of urinary diseases and spleen enlargement.

The key ingredients of Amrta /Giloy Sattva as per their Sanskrit or the Indian names are:

  • Giloy (should be as thick as the thumb and green)
  • Water

Giloy Sattva is beneficial in following conditions:

  • Giloy Sattva is found to be very useful in various types if fevers.
  • Giloy Sattva is also useful in treatment of fever in which the fever remains to the minimal extent in the body.
  • This is known for its capability to drain out fever from any of the microscopic tissues. And thus provides complete health and cure from fever.
  • Giloy Sattva is known for its ability to produces excessive perspiration in the body. I.e. it brings about excessive sweating of the body.
  • Giloy Sattva is also useful in treatment anemia.
  • This is also used for the treatment of jaundice.
  • Giloy Sattva is also used for the treatment of bleeding piles.
  • Giloy Sattva is also used for the treatment of leucorrhea.
  • Giloy Sattva is even used for the treatment of various types of Pitta diseases.
  • Giloy Sattva is also useful for treatment of pyorrhea.
  • Benefits in various types of skin diseases.
  • Is also used for the treatment of Piles.
  • When consumed by a breast feeding mother it improves the quantity as well as quality of milk.
  • It is considered a best herbal medicine for clearing microcirculatory system. It is very effective in removing both exogenous and endogenous toxins. It clears out the brain toxin that inhibits mental function.
  • Is also used in the treatment of respiratory problems particularly in asthma.
  • Is also used for the treatment of Diabetes mellitus.
  • Cures excessive bleeding during menstruation, bleeding after abortion or delivery.
  • Is also used for the treatment of Malaria and other fevers.
  • Is useful for the treatment of Indigestion.
  • Cures conditions as Conjuctivitis and cataract.

Dosage: -

  • be consumed with honey.

Parts of Giloy used for curing diseases:

  • Stem: Fever, Acidity, Blood purification and Eye disease.
  • Fruit: Rheumatism, Jaundice.
  • Root: Leprosy.
  • Leaves: Rheumatism.

FAQ’s about Giloy Sattva:

How it produces its immunomodulator effect?

This herbal preparation is known for its capability to bring about the immune modulation in any of the two ways either by immune suppression or by immune stimulations. While doing so it brings about a boost in the activity of the immune system.

Is it safe for daily usage?

Being an herbal preparation this is completely safe in various types of diseases. And moreover one can go one to use this preparation on long term purpose.