Divya Akeeki Pishti / Akika Pisthi 10gm

Divya Akeeki Pishti 10gm

Divya Akeeki Pishti 10gm

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Akika is a type of mineral stone. This is found to be of four main types as white, red, blue and yellowish. Among all of these white one is considered the most beneficial when it comes to treating patients.

Akika is being used in herbal medicine. This is widely used in alternative medicine, being marketed as having rejuvenating, healing, and soothing properties. It may be useful in the treatment of diabetes and elevated blood lipids in humans. These positive effects are thought to be due to the presence of various compounds as constituents. This is used internally for healing and soothing of digestive conditions such as heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. This is also found to be useful in heartburns etc. This is even used in soothing minor burns, wounds, and various skin conditions like eczema and ringworm. Akika is also used internally to treat a variety of digestive conditions.

The key ingredients of Akika Pisthi as per their Sanskrit or the Indian names are:

  • Akika (white colored)
  • Gulab jal (rose water)
  • Dharit Kumari

Akika Pisthi is beneficial in following conditions:

  • Akika is beneficial in all types of cardiac disorders.
  • Akika is helpful in treating high temperature of body. Whether it is due to fever or any other causes as hyperthermia.
  • This is extremely useful in the treatment of various types of eye disorders.
  • Akika is also very beneficial in leucorrhea.
  • Akika is also beneficial in various types of mental disorders.
  • Akika provides strength to the cardiac structures as well as the neural tissues.
  • This is found to be very useful in various types of Pitta diseases.
  • Akika Pisthi provides strength to the cardiac tissue as well as the neural tissues.
  • This is also helps in the reduction of Vata – Pitta.
  • Akika is found to be beneficial in epilepsy, madness and treatment of maniac condition.
  • This is also used for the treatment of very old and dry cough.
  • Akika is known to produce relief in various types of liver disorders.
  • This also prevents and even treats stone formations.
  • Akika improves vision when regularly applied.
  • Akika is also very effective in the treatment of wounds and abscess.
  • Also is known to benefit in inflammation.
  • This is also known to increase the thickness and viscosity of sperm.
  • Akika also provides aphrodisiac effects on the body.
  • Also used for treatment of various types of spleenic disorders.
  • Akika is also known to be having a tissue restorative effect.
  • Akika also known for its penetrative and spreading property in the whole body and various micro tissues.
  • Brings about improvement in circulation, conductivity, & tone of tissues.
  • Also brings about the regulation of metabolic system.
  • Akika is also known as haematinic. Thus increasing red blood cells count. Also increases their oxygen carrying capacity.
  • Is known to cure general debility and weakness in the body.
  • Is very useful for the treatment of jaundice and anemia.

 Dosage: -

  • 1 – 3 teaspoons is consumed twice a day in morning and evening along with honey or butter or as per requirement of disease.

FAQ’s about Akika:

What is Akika?

This is a type of mineral stone found to be occurring on earth that is used for its medicinal purposes.

What are the major or serious diseases that can be cured using Akika?

This is found to be beneficial in all types of the major life threatening disorders. Is even used for the treatment of various types of Pitta diseases and on the whole brings about the reduction of Vata Pitta from the body. Improves functioning of circulatory system, conductivity in the body and the tone within the tissues.

Are their any side effects on the body when Akika is used?

No it is very safe to be used as an herbal medicine. Although being a mineral it is readily absorbed by the body.

Among all the various types of Akika which is most beneficial in treatment purposes?

There are found to be various types of Akika. And most all these types have a different type of property. Thus these properties form the basis of this to be used as herbal medicine.